Better Yourself, Better the world.

Research ThemeFunctionalization of Hybrid Materials
by Design from Molecular Levels 【From Fundamental Research to its Application】


1Educating students, who will be able to have the confidence, “I can do it.”,
through their finding own solutions to the problems without existing answers
through research

2Devoting all my energy to the human resource development having both research and international working capability with hungry spirit

3Encouraging the continuation of active creative challenges with always positive attitude without sticking to conventional theories and thoughts


#1From the first step in the lab. life

Performing research consists of the following steps

  • 1)finding unsolved problems
  • 2)clarifying what is known and what is unknown and then what are problems
  • 3)creating solutions to problems without existing answers through displaying unique ideas and originality

We convey the pleasure of solving mystery, starting from the understanding of the essential root about performing research, in addition to fundamental knowledge, laboratory notebook, experimental skills, and experimental planning. Furthermore, we train students to obtain the capabilities to observe, to get deep insight, and to create, without missing unexpected discovery and invention, “serendipity”.

#2Development of practical capability through the collaboration with companies

Firstly, students obtain the fundamental capability to solve the problems without existing answers through the basic procedure “carrying out one experiment by changing one factor at one time using the standard and considering its cause”. Secondly, we develop the practical capability through the contribution as a member in the research collaboration with companies, such as presenting the progress, joining the discussion, and obtaining the results by the deadline.

#3Encouraging the international challenges

The international working capability is the ability to drive the international tasks forward, through understanding of diversities, explaining, questioning, negotiating, overlooking, and using languages. Wherever we are, it is the essential ability now. English is its tool. We develop the human resources, who are able to exhibit active passionate attitude and leadership, through providing various opportunities such as English presentation inside and outside of campus and overseas internship.


  • Weekly group discussion
  • Introduction of international research papers
  • Discussion with collaborative companies etc
  • Working for assigned equipment in charge
  • Monthly presentation in the laboratory
  • Presentation in the academic societies (domestic and international)
  • Internship in the companies etc
  • Planning and management of laboratory events

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