Chemical Synthesis

Draft chamber for synthetic experiments

We perform the precise material design, based on the chemical synthesis, such as radical polymerization using reactive monomers and partial modification of polymers by carboxylic acid.

Reactor at low temperature by cooling



Dispersion Processing

Bead mill equipment

We intent to make the material design to reach individual dispersion of carbon nanotube (CNT) having the controlled optimal length by optimizing treatment time.

Ultrasonic dispersion equipment

Ultrasonic bath

Heating equipment by micro wave

Dispersion Evaluation

Digital Optical Microscope

We perform the material design through observation about dispersion state, aggregation degree, particle size, fiber length, which are detectable down to 1 micron level.

Polarized optical microscope

Neutralization titration equipment

Viscosity measurement


Melt mixing of resins at small quantities

We can make composites by melt mixing with optimizing rotational speed and time at high temperature up to 400 deg C.

Rotation and revolution type agitator

Crushing equipment

Spin coater

Preparation of Test Pieces

Heat Compression Molding Machine

We can prepare very small test pieces using metal mold with less than 1 gram per 1 piece and 6 pieces at one process.

Micro gage

Dip coating machine

Bar coating machine

Evaluation and Analysis

Small Mechanical Strength Testing Machine

We can perform tensile mechanical tests to evaluate stress and elongation by using small test pieces.

Electrical conductor measurement

Powder electrical conductor measurement

Ultraviolet-visible measurement

Infrared (IR) measurement

TG-TGA thermal gravimetric measurement

DSC thermal measurement